FABRICATION (Shop & Field)

GC² has experience in both field and shop fabrication. The field fabrication facilities are built per individual client and job requirements.

Our shop is approximately 68’ in width and 110’ in length. We have the capability to setup and run 4 fabrication and welding stations inside along with the real estate outside to setup and run 4 additional fabrication and welding stations.

1 acre laydown

  • 1 acre set up for NDE (Radiographic Test, Penetrant Test, Ultrasonic Test, Mag Partial Test, Bernil Hardness Test, Hydro Test, etc.)
  • 2 Covered areas for material and/or NDE Testing
  • 1 Rod and Consumable Control Room (under lock and key to insure that there is no cross contamination)
  • 2 material and tool rooms with storage above those rooms making a total of 4 rooms
  • Areas in and/or out of the shop dedicated solely for cutting and/or cleaning of material during the fabrication process
  • ½” to 12” piping are our comfortable limits on fabrication in the shop, large bore piping can be fabricated outside the shop.
  • Presently running 3 fabrication stations and 4 welding stations (Welding is performed with Miller Pipe Worx 400)
  • Weekly our shop can fabricate 60 to 100 spools
  • Weekly our shop puts out on average 300 welds based on a 5 day work week