Quality Control


It is our belief and our past performances prove that a well-run, well-organized, and safely executed project is a quality project. As we maintain our programs, we strive for excellence through a well-qualified, dedicated, and quality-conscious workforce of highly skilled craftpersons, supervisors, and support staff.

  • Human Resources and Personnel Staffing
  • Experienced Quality Management Teams & Supervision on Projects
    • Quality Must Be Managed: We understand this and will implement procedures to manage.
    • Monitor Our Processes: We realize that processes must be monitored, corrected, and employees properly trained on them.
    • Find the Cure: We will find the cure to the problem and not just continue to treat the symptoms.
    • Empower our People: All employees are responsible for quality.
    • Goals: Our processes will ensure effective measurements are in place, so the desired effect is achieved.
    • Continuous Improvement: Will be continuously improving to stay in tune with the latest technology.
    • Long Term Investment: Quality is ever evolving and will be an integral part of our long term plan.
  • GC² has many different Welding Procedures, all in accordance with ASME SEC. IX or API 1104, to cover even the most exotic metals like Chrome Alloys, Stainless, Inconel, Duplex, and Aluminums.
  • Code Stamps: We hold R, S, PP stamps, & ASME.
  • All GC² Jobsite Quality Control Leads hold at minimum of 10 years of experience and/or a C.W.I. Certification through A.W.S.
  • All GC² Welders are tested and qualified in accordance with ASME SEC. IX, API 1104 or of that required by the clients. All tests are witnessed by a C.W.I. from start to finish.
  • The Standard Weld tests include:
    • 2’’ a 625 wall coupon in a 6g position
    • 2’’ s/80 coupon 6g position
    • 8” S/80 coupon 6g position
  • API 1104 tests include:
    • 12”on 12” inverted branch weld test (layout, cut, fit, and weld)
    • 12’’ butt weld in a 6G or 5G position
  • GC² strives to have a max R.T. weld reject rate of less than 2%.